What are the seasons in PMI?

Seasons are defined as different periods with the same expected booking behavior or activity level. In a year there could be similar periods with the same booking behavior spread out for the year.

Seasons are not necessarily the same as calendar months, December often has two different seasonalities due to Christmas, Easter falls on different dates each year, events may happen every second or third year. For these reasons, PMI looks up to 5 years back in time to review patterns.

A season is usually set to a period of a minimum of two or three weeks. PMI will pick up “outlier days”, days with out-of-the-ordinary activities like one-off events, concerts, etc., and disregard these in the seasonality predictions

If you believe each month should be considered a separate season, this is an option you can choose.

There is also the opportunity to create your season for the different departments. (This is a little cumbersome and time consuming, but you are welcome to try)

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