How do I know where accounts should go to PMI?

All the revenue and statistical codes in your PMS should have a corresponding account in PMI. It is important to ensure revenues are going to the right revenue center and the correct segment.  

Trial Balance for Rooms should be mapped to the hotel and Total on segments.

PMS Reservation Statistics (restat) should be mapped to the hotel and the corresponding segment 

  • Arrivals/Departures should be mapped to the hotel and Total on segments 
  • Rooms forecast should be mapped to the hotel and corresponding segment 
  • F&B Revenues should be mapped to the correct outlet and segment (food, drink, other…) 
  • When there is Food revenue that should be included in the food cost, you must remember to tick the spoon and fork on the right-hand side. This will then be picked up by the kitchen department, affecting the food cost. 
  • Minibar, kiosk and vending machines are usually only mapped to the outlet with no segmentation. 
  • Breakfast often do not have segments since everything is going to food. If you are selling beer, wine or other items in this outlet, these should be mapped to corresponding segments. 

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