Do I have to change my budget & forecast manually every month?

The budget should be uploaded/entered once a year while Forecast should be updated every month. Below are some steps on how to update Budget or Forecast:

  1. Uploading your budget and forecast – Click here to see the upload section for more information.
  2. Live Forecast -> Budget: Going from Live Forecast to budget is considered best practice.

Optimally, you already have a 12+ months Live Forecast that can be submitted to Budget just like the Forecast is submitted every month. Check that monthly revenue figures per department and month correspond with what you plan to be your budget for next year.

Use PMI Flash Report, year view, to check total revenue.

Under Submit several Live Forecasts (available from tools menu you can choose to submit to forecast or budget. Remember to set next year as period, tick off “all months” and “total” before you submit with the green button. Save.

3:  Revenue Budgets can also be entered manually into PMI budget & forecast module per department and month (main menu -> budget & forecast). Please note that segments must be opened from view options, in the departments where segments are used.

For a more detailed overview on how to insert budget and forecast click here.

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