Different view options in the Flash report

In View Options, you may choose what you wish to display

1: Include Period End − This will include Live Forecast.

2:Displayed Data − You have the option to see Live Forecast, meaning actual and live forecast figures joint, Forecast figures (last submitted forecast) only and Budget only. The Summary at the bottom will always show actual and Live Forecast figures.

3: Show Weather − If chosen, you will see a Forecast Weather icon for the next 10 days. The weather forecast is saved and stored for passed periods.

4: Show Segment − This will display the segments in each department; you can also open the segments by clicking on the + sign in front of the date in the main view.

5: Daily Note − Will display daily notes/comments made in Live Forecast.

6: View TrevPar – will add a column under Rooms displaying Trevar. Total Revenue divided with Available Rooms.

7: View Total Rows For Forecast, Budget and/or Last Year − This will add comparison totals at the bottom of the page. When comparing to Last Year, you can choose between By Weekday (then PMI will compare to the same period last year, i.e not the same dates but the same weekdays) and By Date (PMI will compare the exact dates).

8: View Sum Columns For Food Revenue − This will show the Food Revenue both under the column Food & Beverage and under the column Other, if applicable.

9: Division − This enables you to select viewing a certain Division only.

10: PMI Profit Center − You may also select what to display at the Profit Center level

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