When do I set up a plan?

Set up and activate a new plan when you need to pick up the latest information from Live forecast.  A snapshot of Live forecast is taken at the point the plan is created.  While you can submit a plan to cockpits at any point to pick up the latest pricing in cockpit […]

What comparative (data) should I use?

The first time you set up a plan we would normally advise using last year’s actual data as long as it had a fairly normal business pattern.  For example, the results from 2020 will not be a good base for planning a normal business year and Actual 2019 may need to be used.  If you prepare frequent (monthly or quarterly) […]

What is comparative data?

It is a fancy name for a set of data you are comparing your draft plan against.  The dataset shown under comparative data is also used to calculate other elements of your new plan.  Look for ‘based on comparative data’in a section header like this:  Comparative data is often just last year’s actual costs for the department and cost type […]

How do I map the categories?

PMI wants to register all paid hours as either productive or non-productive hours.  Productive hours are those working regularly, i.e. you are doing the job you are supposed to and paid to do.  Regular work is marked with 1 on the cost column  If Bank Holiday work is paid extra, this […]