How do I map the categories?

PMI wants to register all paid hours as either productive or non-productive hours.  Productive hours are those working regularly, i.e. you are doing the job you are supposed to and paid to do.  Non-productive hours are all paid hours when you are not doing your regular job.  Any paid absences like […]

What are Categories in PMI?

These are the different types of shift codes used in your TKS. Most TKS are connected to your payroll system and therefore need a detailed description of how you work for legal purposes. There will be different codes for regular daytime working shifts, evening, weekend, overtime, vacation, sick leave, paid […]

How do I know if the mapping is correct?

You can check in the FlashReport if registered revenue on your trial balance corresponds to what is recorded in PMI. If you import the rooms forecast, you can check your original file with what is recorded in PMI on future dates in the FlashReport or Live Forecast. 

How do I know where accounts should go to PMI?

All the revenue and statistical codes in your PMS should have a corresponding account in PMI. It is important to ensure revenues are going to the right revenue center and the correct segment.   Trial Balance for Rooms should be mapped to the hotel and Total on segments. PMS Reservation Statistics (restat) should […]

What is mapping – accounts?

This is where you decide where accounts/transaction codes from your PMS system will go in PMI.  What items or accounts do I need to Map?  All revenue, revenue corrections, and statistical accounts should be mapped in PMI. Statistical accounts are those related to rooms occupied and guests in-house, both actual and […]